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Friday, April 15, 2011

Late Night Adventures

Last night was not the first of it's kind, and I am sure wont be the last. I have been sick for the past 3 weeks-Thanks to our princess.

Everyone was getting settled down for the night, it's proably 9:00. Rickie is getting Zach to bed, I am feeding Monroe. She falls asleep, I soon follow.

1:30 a.m.- Zach comes out of his room crying. I somehow manage to put Monie down in her crib without waking her up. I give Z some medicine, he too has this lovely cold. It takes him about 10-15min to clam down and go back to sleep.

3:30 a.m.-I hear crying...again. I go into the kid's room, pick up Monroe feed and feed the little chunk-a-monk. Bottle empty, she should go back to sleep right? Wrong! She decides its time to look around. I try rocking here and singing. That doesn't work. I try for at least a half hour. At this point I am so congested and my eyes so badly I can barley keep them open. I finally just lay her down, go in my room and try to rest. She cries for about 15 min and then...silence. I go check on her and FINALLY! She's sleeping.

Three hours later I wake up to start my Friday.-Here I sit at work, my eyes hurt beyond belief. With my night adventures (yes, they feel like adventures.) Last night....this weekend is much needed!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

But Daddy, I don't Match!

I am afraid to say...the fashion police will be coming for Rickie in the years to come. Its been very interesting to say the least when I see the kids after I get off of work.

Yes that is Monroe with one blue sock and one purple sock. Zachary has been a victim many times as well. Dad has admitted....hes color blind. =)
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

February, March...April- Closing of this Chapter

February :

What a fun month this was! My mom came to stay with us, and help us out with the kiddos. It was nice to have a few extra hands around the house. Zach managed to get a gnarly black eye about a week and 1/2 before family pictures. My hubby had a surprise party to celebrate his 24 wonderful years on this earth. And of course we cant forget Beth's birthday present. It was amazing!

I got to go to my first Jazz game with the hubby( I <3 the Jazz) even though they lost, it was so much fun! We also got to take a trip down to Vegas for John & Amanda's wedding on the weekend of the 18th. It was my first night away from the kids since Monie was born, and Beth's first time away from Dex.- They were with Nana and Papa. Needless to say, mommas were on edge to come home. We did have so much fun.....well MOSTLY so much fun.=)

And here we are. Up to speed.-April. My little boy will be 3...AH! April 23 rd! This year has gone so quickly, I guess having kids does that. Our life is full of so many wonderful people. My goal is to take time in all these moments and enjoy every second- it's only so long where Zach will pretend to fly & willingy give me kisses. Before long I will be fighting for their attention. I want to get as many of "I love you Mommy"'s as I can.
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The Loss of a Loved One- Jennie

Sweet Jennie left us in January. She had such a sweet spirit and we will always have her in our heart. I have a friend who lives in California- who's boyfriend is an amazing artist. I had him paint this picture for Beth's birthday-it was bitter sweet. Just a little something to always remind of Jennie's cute face.
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Thanksgiving and Christmas passed as kind of a blur. We had so much going on! With the baby and me going back to work 4 weeks after Monroe was born-thats right...I'm a champ. And I didn't even mention our move in October before all this craziness!
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We Welcome Our Princess!-November 15th 2010

Monroe Carol Marie Taylor makes her long awaited apperance! Just a week after I start my new job, Monie decides to show her face a few weeks early(luckily I have an awesome boss!) - she was born weighing a whopping 6 Lbs 11 Oz. And looks so much like Zachary w/ beautiful blue eyes, just like mommy.

Also in November a few weeks after Monroe was born we got to FINALLY welcome home our lovely Valerie! We missed her so much. We are so excited to make so many memories with her. We <3 you Val!

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First Item of Business

Krista's new Job

Back in July, I got my license to sell Health and Life Insurance. I was working for a company temporarily selling Medicare.
Late October I had a metting with an independant broker- who I met through Regina. A week later I started my exciting new career at Acuity Benefits & Insurance. I now have the MOST amzing co-workers. I am pretty sure I have met my new best friend- Krista Allred. Her and I work in the office together. Its so pleasant loving what I am doing and who I am working with every day!
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Where Does Time Go?!

Let us try this again. Our last entry was around fall. We have had many exciting events since then. Including our new addition of sweet little Monroe, who is almost five months old...unbelievable! Zachary loves her so much!

Zachary will be 3 in a few weeks, my little boy. He is such a great big brother. He is getting so big, I enjoy every moment we get to spend together. His recent facinantion is robots. He also told me the other day, that he had fire in his feet and he could fly. His imagination is amazing! He has the best time playing with duct tape and card board boxes, oh and I can not forget his new buddy that goes by the name of Buzz Lightyear. He takes Buzz everywhere.

I most defenitly will work on updating our blog with pictures!
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