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Friday, April 15, 2011

Late Night Adventures

Last night was not the first of it's kind, and I am sure wont be the last. I have been sick for the past 3 weeks-Thanks to our princess.

Everyone was getting settled down for the night, it's proably 9:00. Rickie is getting Zach to bed, I am feeding Monroe. She falls asleep, I soon follow.

1:30 a.m.- Zach comes out of his room crying. I somehow manage to put Monie down in her crib without waking her up. I give Z some medicine, he too has this lovely cold. It takes him about 10-15min to clam down and go back to sleep.

3:30 a.m.-I hear crying...again. I go into the kid's room, pick up Monroe feed and feed the little chunk-a-monk. Bottle empty, she should go back to sleep right? Wrong! She decides its time to look around. I try rocking here and singing. That doesn't work. I try for at least a half hour. At this point I am so congested and my eyes so badly I can barley keep them open. I finally just lay her down, go in my room and try to rest. She cries for about 15 min and then...silence. I go check on her and FINALLY! She's sleeping.

Three hours later I wake up to start my Friday.-Here I sit at work, my eyes hurt beyond belief. With my night adventures (yes, they feel like adventures.) Last night....this weekend is much needed!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

But Daddy, I don't Match!

I am afraid to say...the fashion police will be coming for Rickie in the years to come. Its been very interesting to say the least when I see the kids after I get off of work.

Yes that is Monroe with one blue sock and one purple sock. Zachary has been a victim many times as well. Dad has admitted....hes color blind. =)
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

February, March...April- Closing of this Chapter

February :

What a fun month this was! My mom came to stay with us, and help us out with the kiddos. It was nice to have a few extra hands around the house. Zach managed to get a gnarly black eye about a week and 1/2 before family pictures. My hubby had a surprise party to celebrate his 24 wonderful years on this earth. And of course we cant forget Beth's birthday present. It was amazing!

I got to go to my first Jazz game with the hubby( I <3 the Jazz) even though they lost, it was so much fun! We also got to take a trip down to Vegas for John & Amanda's wedding on the weekend of the 18th. It was my first night away from the kids since Monie was born, and Beth's first time away from Dex.- They were with Nana and Papa. Needless to say, mommas were on edge to come home. We did have so much fun.....well MOSTLY so much fun.=)

And here we are. Up to speed.-April. My little boy will be 3...AH! April 23 rd! This year has gone so quickly, I guess having kids does that. Our life is full of so many wonderful people. My goal is to take time in all these moments and enjoy every second- it's only so long where Zach will pretend to fly & willingy give me kisses. Before long I will be fighting for their attention. I want to get as many of "I love you Mommy"'s as I can.
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The Loss of a Loved One- Jennie

Sweet Jennie left us in January. She had such a sweet spirit and we will always have her in our heart. I have a friend who lives in California- who's boyfriend is an amazing artist. I had him paint this picture for Beth's birthday-it was bitter sweet. Just a little something to always remind of Jennie's cute face.
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Thanksgiving and Christmas passed as kind of a blur. We had so much going on! With the baby and me going back to work 4 weeks after Monroe was born-thats right...I'm a champ. And I didn't even mention our move in October before all this craziness!
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