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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall is on its way..

I couldn't be more excited! Fall is my favorite time of the year, it's not to's not to cold. It's perfect. Especially since there is no such season as spring in Utah. Fall is as close as we come to perfect weather! And plus I love all the scents of fall. And not to mention my favorite holiday..Halloween!!! Halloween is right around the corner, next hurdle..find a costume that fits over my belly. And fall also means we are that much more to welcoming our new little addition to our family, I start seeing the doctor every two weeks.This pregnancy has went by so fast. Only two and a half more months to go! And we are so excited that Val is coming home soon. She has been gone to long. We are ready to play with her again! Nothing but good things to come within the next few months.