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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday is so close!

What a week its been! TGIF, well...tomorrow. Even though I work this Saturday, it is a day closer to a day off for me. I have had a pretty eventful week. On Tuesday I had a little old man recite a poem to me, it was rather sweet.I wrote it down:
Should you go first and I remain to walk the road alone,
I'll live in memories garden dear, with happy days we've known.
In spring I'll wait for roses red when faded, the lilacs blue.
In early spring when brown leaves fall I'll catch a glimpse of you.
Should you go first and I remain for battle to be fought. Each
thing you've touched along the way will be hallowed spot. I hear
your voice, I'll see your smile though blindly groupe. The
memory of your helping hand will buoy me with hope.
Should you go first and I remain, one thing I'll have you do,
walk slowly down that long path, for soon I will follow you. I
want to know each step you take, so I may take the same. For
someday down that lonely road you will hear me call your name.

He was a really nice old man. I wish everyone would be nice. Unfortunately that is not the case, some people are just bitter at the world it seems, they need to find happiness.

Well, on a better note..I put Zach in his little outfit he got from his Aunt Valarie, it's a little china man outfit. It was so dang cute. He looked like a little ninja. Tonight he has gotten in his toy bucket and is rolling around inside. He is getting to be such a big boy, I hate it. I'm sure when he's 30...he will still be my baby.

Here's to the weekend and nice people calling in to talk to me at work. I can only hope! P.S. Spring is welcome any day now. The next Karate Kid?!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Things

Zach has finally laid down to take a nap. The living room has toys scattered from one end to the other, for some reason he thinks he needs to dump the entire toy bucket over. The kitchen table has noodles conveniently within about a 4inch radius of where Zach eats. But today, I am going to try something new, I'm not going to stress out if I can get this mess clean before Zach wakes up..just so he can tornado through here again. But I should be thankful that a I have a little boy that is active, and laughs...and is the cutest little thing in the whole world. Enjoy every moment I get to spend with him. Lesson for today :
Enjoy the Little things.

Taylors Blogging

Yes! We have started a blog...Woot! Here you will enjoy the fun stories that Rickie and myself will experience being a young family, and being first time parents. Our son is just about to have his second birthday in April. Let me tell you, he is a handful. Just in the short period of time while I was creating this blog page I was pulled away from the computer about five times just to dig the ball out from underneath the table, fill a sippy cup,get a snack, and untangle him from Daddy's swimming trunks....twice(yes, those are the swimming trunks) and it's only 10:00 a.m.,I am sure we will have an adventurous day. Well I hope you enjoy reading about our journey through life!